Thursday, January 16, 2014

Having a fourth child

I announced yesterday on Facebook that I am pregnant.
It wasn't planned, but we're happy about it!
We know that it's not going to be easy, but we're making changes for 2014 and I'm sure we will manage (hopefully). I know that Phil has back problems and things weren't so easy for us because of that. He's slowly getting better with Physio. We're very positive about it and his back is getting stronger and stronger every day !

 It's crazy. I will have four kids at the young age of 30. Pretty rad!
It's scary and yet I'm so excited to get things ready for this child. The kids are really happy and the boys want a little brother and Saule obviously wants a little sister. We will see. I really want the sex of this baby to be a surprise till I give birth!
I really feel sick, witch really sucks. I'm always laying around the house with pillows and the kids are allowed to watch a lot of t.v. Hopefully it will pass !
I will take a picture every month (or so) of my belly. It's exciting to see how fast it grows.



  1. Four is an awesome number of children to have!!!


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