Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birthday boy at the cabane à sucre

As I said in my last post, my little Miko turned two. How does life go by so fast? I dunno, seriously. I really try to stay focused on "day by day" life. I don't work, I stay with my kids all of the time, I blog, I do yoga and I love spending time with family and friends. Maybe life with three kids under the age of five is pretty busy and were constantly changing diapers, tamming tantrums, making food, cleaning up or (on a good note) having fun with the littles. Even if sometimes family life seems overwelming, I enjoy cuddling and watching my kids jumping in puddles (it gets messy, but you know kids will be kids)
 To celebrate Miko's birthday we went to the Cabane à Sucre. Here are some pictures of are day :

Happy birthday my little Miko. I love you forever.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Video love

Check out this cool video from my friend Erik Evans band.
This man is a brilliant artist and he also does magic tricks that will blow your mind...
Enjoy :

Gotta love that bunny...

Song : Parle-moi
Band : Canailles

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Yellow's !

There's snow everywhere today. School's were closed and people stayed in...
But the snow didn't stop us because at 9h30 we were in the car and went to visit a "chocolaterie" in our area. They showed us how they make chocolate and we got to taste some as well. The kid's were pretty happy and Loik wanted to buy some with his own money. ;)
It's also a restaurant with very good food, I hear. I should really have a date night there sometime soon.
The weird thing is that the place is right beside my parent's house (like 2 houses down) and it's actually the first time I visit it ! I shall return soon, maybe the Easter bunny will make a little trip there...
My friend took some pictures of our visit :

Mmmm... I love chocolate !
P.s the only guy in one of the pictures (except the owner of the restaurant) is my lovely Philippe, isn't he cute?

Oh and I have a couple of pictures from around the house...

Miko has been obsessing over this doll and has been taking care of it for the past couple of days. It's really cute to see him in action. Phil has been playing alot of guitar and has been pretty sensitive...I guess writing a song is very emotional for him.

Have a wonderful week xo

Monday, March 11, 2013


This video and song is my daughter's favorite EVER. She sings it constantly. The thing is that she doesn't speak English all that much, so she doesn't sing the real words. It's hilarious. I really should film her singing it.

This week has been pretty fun. I had my little sister over. She came swimming with us, we played outside alot with the kids at the park and we watched a movie with lot's of pop corn and chips.

I went to see a little show with Saule and Loik. They really enjoyed it... maybe because they got to eat some junk food. Haha.

I also babysat some kids for a couple of hours. It was pretty... loud and messy, but the kids had so much fun together. I think that I really enjoy having alot of people in my house. It makes it very warm and fun. Common friends, bring me your kids, I can do it  ;)

We also ate some yummy "tire d'erable" at the "Cabane à sucre" near our house with some friends. We can't get enough, seriously. We just LOVE maple syrup and we will go back very often this spring.

Here are some pictures of this week, I am very sorry, but I always forget my camera while were outside. I will try to do better... I swear !

My sister Jillian

My brother Chris with his cool car

Dino doing yoga

Saule in the backyard

Miko in blue

Loik and Saule having fun at the show

Five kids under the age of five in my house

Loik and Miko doing a little work job with dad

Have a great day xx

P.s The quality of the pictures aren't that great, but I have been having a little trouble with my camera, sorry guys.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Banging on stuff and a craft from a five year old artist

Everyone knows that kids love to bang on stuff !
Well, mine love it.
They take what they want from the kitchen and just BANG on it for a while and they really think there making this cool noise. Ok, the noise get's annoying, but the little ones are in heaven. Happy kids, happy mom right ? :) 

 My big boy Loik loves crafts.
He takes stuff that he finds in the woods, at friends or at grand-ma's and glues it on a paper.
 He also is obsessed by  "collecting stuff": marbles, rocks, sea shells, wood and the list goes on. He is pretty excited for summer to come. We spend a lot of time outside at the park with friends and just have fun with anything we find.. Oh and we love picnics. I haven't been complaining all that much about winter, but I am very anxious too meet summer again :)
This boy loves nature and is always always always talking. I love him. I still can't believe that he is  starting school in september. Time flies.