Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Banging on stuff and a craft from a five year old artist

Everyone knows that kids love to bang on stuff !
Well, mine love it.
They take what they want from the kitchen and just BANG on it for a while and they really think there making this cool noise. Ok, the noise get's annoying, but the little ones are in heaven. Happy kids, happy mom right ? :) 

 My big boy Loik loves crafts.
He takes stuff that he finds in the woods, at friends or at grand-ma's and glues it on a paper.
 He also is obsessed by  "collecting stuff": marbles, rocks, sea shells, wood and the list goes on. He is pretty excited for summer to come. We spend a lot of time outside at the park with friends and just have fun with anything we find.. Oh and we love picnics. I haven't been complaining all that much about winter, but I am very anxious too meet summer again :)
This boy loves nature and is always always always talking. I love him. I still can't believe that he is  starting school in september. Time flies.


  1. Salut Carling. Il a de très beaux yeux ce petit. Il va en casser des coeurs. Alors, toi aussi, ton garçon parle tout le temps? Les miens aussi. Et dire qu'on dit que ce sont les filles qui parlent le plus! C'est drôle tout ce qu'ils ramassent, les garçons. Parfois, les manteaux sont très pesants, les poches trop remplies de roches et de pierres.

    1. Oublié de signer: Brigitte


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