Monday, March 11, 2013


This video and song is my daughter's favorite EVER. She sings it constantly. The thing is that she doesn't speak English all that much, so she doesn't sing the real words. It's hilarious. I really should film her singing it.

This week has been pretty fun. I had my little sister over. She came swimming with us, we played outside alot with the kids at the park and we watched a movie with lot's of pop corn and chips.

I went to see a little show with Saule and Loik. They really enjoyed it... maybe because they got to eat some junk food. Haha.

I also babysat some kids for a couple of hours. It was pretty... loud and messy, but the kids had so much fun together. I think that I really enjoy having alot of people in my house. It makes it very warm and fun. Common friends, bring me your kids, I can do it  ;)

We also ate some yummy "tire d'erable" at the "Cabane à sucre" near our house with some friends. We can't get enough, seriously. We just LOVE maple syrup and we will go back very often this spring.

Here are some pictures of this week, I am very sorry, but I always forget my camera while were outside. I will try to do better... I swear !

My sister Jillian

My brother Chris with his cool car

Dino doing yoga

Saule in the backyard

Miko in blue

Loik and Saule having fun at the show

Five kids under the age of five in my house

Loik and Miko doing a little work job with dad

Have a great day xx

P.s The quality of the pictures aren't that great, but I have been having a little trouble with my camera, sorry guys.

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