Monday, May 20, 2013


Today started out rainy and yucky, but it turned into a very nice and sunny afternoon.
My kids, well mostly Loik and Miko LOVE fishing. Saule loves putting worms on the hooks.YUCK. Anyways, they have a blast talking about wishing while there fishing... and you know,  they get wet and dirty. Loik knows alot about fish and tells me stories everyday about his adventures with dad. It's really something that they enjoy doing together and I hope that they will keep doing it for a long time.
I obviously took some pictures...

Oh, just for your information, we usually put the fish's back in the water...
 and we ate junk food too. We had a very nice day :)

P.s Don't forget that with three kids, it's not so easy, but we try our best and when things get  hardcore, we just leave and drive around... hehehe!

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