Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's raining so let's make necklaces !

This week has been on and off rainy and sunny. Today is very rainy, so I decided to make some necklaces with Saule and Miko while Loik is at pre-school.

I kinda like to say that I home school my children or maybe it's better to say "unschooled" since I don't follow any book or anything... But I try to keep them busy, but busy in a way that I let them learn on there own. I show them stuff, yes, but I really let them discover what they can do by themselves. I must say that there very good at making  necklaces! :)

Oh, and also. It's important too have a calm environment, it can be stressful doing activities with kids, so I would suggest : take a deep breath, put some music, don't make a big deal of the mess and be very patient.
 Happy mama=happy kids :)

Have a great rainy day !

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