Friday, June 7, 2013

Mommy stories

When your making supper and the kids are playing nicely.
When your house is spotless.
When you have time to do all sorts of projects and actually finish them.
When you can go to the bathroom alone.
When you can actually talk on the phone.
When you can sleep 12 hours without being disturbed.
When your clothes stay clean all day.

Well, when your a mother you really can't do all these things actually, but one can dream about it...

I dunno about you, but at my house things can get very chaotic and loud. 
Sometimes I'm so patient, but around supper time I get annoyed easily. I've been with the three kids all day, changing diapers, cleaning mess', cooking, saying "no hitting", "no fighting" etc... You get it right? Well, yeah. I'm the type of person that invites friends over with their kids even if I'm not up to it, just because I know that I will be MORE patient when there's adults around, you know? Well, that's me. That's the trick, I guess. I would never be able to yell after my kids in front of my friends... But, when they leave at the end of the day, I have enough. My brain goes off and I have no patience for yelling, fighting and '' I don't like you supper" type of people. I must say that today I freaked out and I yelled at my kids/man. Sorry, I actually needed to say it because I'm sure that I'm not alone in this !

I have some tricks to help mothers (and myself) to prevent from becoming "the angry mama" :::

1- Breathe like you do in yoga class : What? You don't do yoga? Well, you really should start right now, it helps for god sakes !

2- Step away : Just stop whatever your doing and go do laundry, dance in the bathroom and bring some alcohol. Get the hell away from your kids for 5 minutes and enjoy it.

3- Go for a walk : When kids get loud and run around naked in the house, get them dressed and let them scream, bike, surf or whatever they like doing ! Being in the house sucks and the kids prefer playing outside catching butterflies.

4- Cuddle : Saule and Miko are always in my arms. They seem very comfortable and it helps them from being "wild"and destroying the house.

5-  Put on your favorite tunes and just sing : Yep, that's it. I enjoy some awolnation, Radiohead or Beirut for the moment, but the kids prefer Muse and Lady gaga.

6- Get a babysitter and have fun : We love going too Montreal... especially when we eat at Crudessence. Being just mama and papa for a couple of hours really is exciting.
 For example --- Going shopping :  5 minutes because usually with the kids it takes us 1 hour.
-Eating :  5 minutes (we're always rushing because the kids need something, so we eat fast, ok?!)
- Have sex in a hotel : it takes another 5 minutes because you know... we get a call from the sitter and we already have to rush home because the kids started vomiting.

I love my children.

Have a great friday night y'all !

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