Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This weekend and monday

I haven't been in a very good mood for the past while, so this weekend we decided to go out randomly and it felt good. Sometimes you just have to leave the house without thinking about anything.
We found a small farm that sells asparagus and lamb. We were pretty happy about that...
After that, we decided to stop by too see some friends! 8 parents + 15 kids !!!! It was loud, but fun.  The kids played outside and watched a couple movies since it wasn't all that nice out.

On monday it was the last day of pre-school and we were invited to go visit a camping site with a small farm. The kids enjoyed it so much!!!! Ok, it wasn't easy. I was always searching for the kids because they were running around and Saule wasn't in a very good mood, but whatever, it's not always easy with kids I tell ya ! ;)
 Loik wont be going to pre-school anymore but he seems pretty cool with it, I think hes anxious to start school in september. Saule will go 2 half days a week ! Miko will stay with me and I will try to be more patient. Yep.
Here are some pictures :

Have a nice rainy day !

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  1. As always, beautiful pictures! Veronika


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