Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tips from (and for) a stay-at-home mama and pictures from last week and this weekend !

As you probably know, I am a stay at home mama. Some days, I can't take it anymore. Some days everything is good. But I realised alot of things over the years that I would really like too share  with you. I know that sometimes we feel alone, but we're not and it's always fun reading about other mama's ways of surviving with three young kids 24/7.


1.  Be yourself and do what you think is best for your children.

2. Cook easy meals : cheese, bread, raw vegetables, eggs etc... Kids don't really like fancy food that takes forever to make and cook. Less stress = happy kids.

3. Keep busy : Bike, play at the park, invite friends over and dance !

4. When you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, clean or cut your hair.

5. When the kids fight, stop what your doing and just go play with them.

6. Make friends : talk with other moms at the park, they probably feel the same way as you !

7.  Do some volunteer work and bring your kids with you : it changes the routine and it's good for the soul.

8. Your house will not always be clean, but you can still hide toys under the couch and  fill your closets with your stuff. It makes you think that your house it clean, even if it's not. ;)

9.  Read : Buddhism for mothers by Sarah Napthali. Very interesting book for mothers searching for inner peace.

10.  Put your kids to bed early and have sex : Yep. Light some candles, put some music on and just have fun with your partner, it keeps the relationship strong and true. ;)

Voilà ! Have fun with your family even if it's not always perfect as we want it too be.

 We have been pretty busy spending time with old and new friends + family last week and this weekend. We enjoy having fun with people that we love.

Here are some pictures from last week and this weekend :

Alot of kid action going on here.

Waiting for supper.

Loik thinks that she's pretty hot ;)

Kiss kiss !

It was hot so the kids had fun in the water.

I haven't seen Marie-êve in ages ! I was very happy too spend time with her !

I haven't seen Julien  in a while either. We laughed alot !

Playing some music.

My man making a weird face just after saying "no" to our 2 year old brat.

My beautiful sister, Alison.

Always climbing this girl

My 5 year old.

Tired after playing outside most of the day.

Loik just loves he's uncle Nick,

My favorite thrift shop in Montreal : Eva B.

Francofolie in Montreal.

The family.

Have a great tuesday !

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