Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth day !

Today were celebrating earth. I think that we should be very grateful for this wonderful, mysterious and fragile ball of energy ! Sometimes we forget that we have to take care of it, we think about ourselves,we buy and buy and buy, we build alot of unnecessary things, we waste food and throw away too much stuff ! If we don't love and respect mother earth a little more, she will not survive nor will we. One can live without buying constantly things that he/she doesn't need, one can re-use/recycle, one can buy local foods/products, one can love and cherish earth as it is. Please take a little moment today to think about what you can change on a daily basis to help our planet and do it! even if it's small, it starts from there. I will personally try to recycle more and waste less. We really have to learn that less is more :)

Have a great earth day !

P.s The picture is my eldest, Loik two years ago with a butterfly.

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