Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A mother's life + stripes and catching butterflies.

My life is mainly taking care of my kids full time and you know how they can be : they fight, they yell A LOT and my younger one seems too be very out of control at times. I know that we have some really good days and some kids aren't always fighting like mine, but as a mother I do raise my voice, I do put my kids in their room and I do "lose it" sometimes.
I am a stay-at-home mother, I'm not ready to work or study just yet, but I am very anxious that one of them will start school and the other one will start (part time) pre-school. I think that my kids are tired of being together all the time and they need a big break from each other.
We're planning a special 3 days without the kids soon and I really hope that my friends and family will be supportive about it. We need time as a couple for more than a couple of hours, you know ?
We will be needing babysitters, but we can't afford to pay someone for 3 days.
Thanks for your support :)

On another note, we went catching butter flies this morning. It wasn't any success, but Loik did like spying on them. Miko cried most of the time and Saule had some fun, but was getting bit by 
 mosquitoes. Loik and Saule are dressed in stripes. I think it's pretty cute. Oh and Saule looks likes she's dressed to go play tennis. Funny.

She found a map ball.

Searching for butterflies

I love this picture of her.

Still searching...

In a very bad mood.


"Oh, I'm ok now"
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