Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This weekend.

We kept busy this weekend and spent most of it outside !

We went to our local market (it's open every Friday till September) and bought some yummy organic food, honey and some syrup. We also got an invite for a nice supper with friends !
The next day we went to another market to get some soaps, strawberries and pure beeswax candles. I LOVE these candles because they actually clean the air when burned : it produces negative ions which attract and neutralize impurities such as dust, odours, mold bacteria and viruses. When beeswax burns it calms the inner senses and sweetens the room with the pure scent of honey. I didn't have time to burn one yet... can't wait !
 We also went to a fair, ate a lot of junk food, screamed in some crazy rides, jumped into bouncy playgrounds and had another nice supper + camp fire with my best friend and her kids ! What a busy weekend ! I am tired and I need a nap. ;)

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  1. J'étais aussi au fort de Coteau-du-Lac ce dimanche! Dommage qu'on ne ce soit pas rencontré
    ...Amélie et Max auraient été vraiment contente!:)


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