Friday, July 26, 2013

This week.

 I haven't been posting all that much this week, but summertime is busy and I don't have the energy to type at the end of the day. How do you bloggers do it ?
Anyways. we had a great week ! Me and Phil got a big break from the kids : 2 nights just the two of us. It was the first time since we have kids that we got out that long. We spent the day in Montreal, just walking and did a little shopping... We even went to the movies DURING THE DAY ! Star Trek rules by the way.
The next day we spent one night at a Spa in St-Côme. We drove 2h30 and listened to music really loud ! We laughed, sang and we're just being stupid. It was cool, we felt so free ! We really relaxed at the spa... No diapers to change, no fighting, no yelling, no "mommy I don't like your supper" or "I don't want to get dressed".  My kids we're pretty good with their babysitters, so it's less stressful to leave them. Thanks Alison and Cilia for watching the little one's,  we really appreciate it :)
The only thing is... Phil's back isn't doing good. We treated ourselves with a massage. It felt so good ! But since Phil has back problems, it got even worse. So I'm back to living with a crippled. I hope that he will get well soon because it looks very painful... and you know, I'm alone taking care of the kids.
I snapped some pictures from this week. I didn't take many, oops.

Phil's new hair.


Still relaxing... ? Haha!

Reading in the park.
Thanks for stopping by ! xo

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