Sunday, July 7, 2013

Babysitter + pictures of saturday evening.

Tomorrow I'm having a babysitter over for 3 hours to play with the little's while I do some stuff in the house. It's the first time I pay someone to take care of my children. I think she's 12 years old, (kind of young) but she says that she loves kids. I really hope that my little's will like her because I will be needing her assistance once every week or so.

I'm not feeling all that well and I need a little time off + have a talk with a professional. I don't want to get into details here on the blog because I want to keep things "positive", but I just wanted to let you know that things aren't that great over at our house.
I guess that having a babysitter from time to time will help me. I will keep you posted.

We went to Catherine's house yesterday and had some fun with new friends + kids.
I really like how the kids play with one and other. They didn't even fight, maybe a little, but nothing serious. I snapped a couple of pictures that I would like to share. Enjoy.

This little guy is so cute.

They worked pretty hard on this beautiful house.

Princesses in the garden

A lot of kids eating  pop-corn.yum.
Have a great week.

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